If you are considering starting a business, why not start it in another country such as Bali? Bali is an extremely popular tourist destination for Australian holidaymakers, who buy gifts, clothing and food while they are there. And of course, they need accommodation, so a business in any of these areas would surely be successful, especially if you hired an Australian digital agency to design your brand new website and give you advice on web design and SEO.

This would ensure that the website was attractive to and understandable by Australians who were researching for details of the things they could do and the places to see on their Bali holiday. Australian web designers are the best people to create a website to promote an overseas business to Australians, so your business would be in good hands and you would not need to pay very much – if anything – for any other form of advertising, such as professional digital marketing.

Since the majority of your customers would very likely be Australians or people from other western countries, it is sensible to ensure your website is designed for them. This is where the importance of Search Engine Optimisation comes into the equation. Search engines like Google are what is used to make your page visible when someone types in a keyword. For instance, if you are planning a trip to Bali, you might go online to find out what shops you’d like to go to, so you’d probably type the keywords, “gift shop, Bali” into the search box. Google would then come up with a list of gift shops in Bali.

Australian seo companies are far more likely to understand what keywords Aussies would use when searching for various things in Bali. That is why your best bet would be to use them when getting a new website to promote your business.

The only thing you would need to do then is be sure your business was open and ready for all those tourists to flock to. While it is possible to get custom from the foot traffic going past, you also need to advertise and promote your business online. That way you can go into specific detail about what you offer, rather than relying on your shop front to get people to come in and buy.

Of course, you also need to have an attractive shop front, with advertising about your goods or services and so on. However, the website is an important part of the whole and if that is missing you will surely be leaving money on the table – on in this case, in the tourist’s pockets.

Running a business is a fun and exciting way to make a living and every part of it is important, especially having a great website.