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Volcano Bali

Volcanic Activity In the South Pacific

A report this month by Luxury Villas Bali shows visitors to Bali are sometimes intimidated when they realize that there’s volcanoes in the area. But there’s no need to worry! Volcano eruptions are rare in this era – but you should have seen previous eras.

Take, for instance, 77,000 years ago at Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia. That was the site of a cataclysmic eruption that affected climate and life forms all over the Earth. This was also pretty much before the damn of human history, when volcanoes all over the Earth were much more active.

Indonesia is part of what geologists call the “Pacific Ring” group, where shifting tectonic plates under the ocean floor stimulate geologic activity – for example, the recent Japanese 2011 earthquake and tsunami. But as far as Indonesian volcanoes go, the last major eruption in the region was Krakatoa in 1883, between Java and Sumatra. Remember that the best thing to do if you’re jittery around volcanoes is to stay far away from them – say, by relaxing on the beach around your luxury villa!

School Bali

A Student’s-Eye View of Balinese Tourism

Any young student should take advantage of that opportune time of their early 20s to travel the world and see the sights. It broadens the mind, stimulates the intellect, and gives you some great stories to tell in your advancing years. And Bali provides one of the best experiences of all.

  • General Student Info – Actually, it’s also good basics for anybody to know.
  • A post about a nurse’s student exchange program – Just one example of the opportunities there are out there.

transport bali

Transportation in Bali

Whether your Bali vacation destination is a bustling, major city like Denpasar or Ubud or a quieter, remote locale, getting around town will be a necessity. While Bali, being a relatively small island, doesn’t have things like railways or major freeways, it is a very well-civilized culture in most places with paved roads and traffic laws, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

  • Buses and shuttles – The most common form of transportation, Bali buses are run by the Perama bus company and have stations in most major tourist locations. There is also the newer Trans Sarbagita bus company, set up in 2011 by the Balinese government. Shuttles are also available from most villas and tourist areas, and are cheap and reliable.

A Sweet Tale of One Couple’s Bali Adventure

A Sweet Tale of One Couple’s Bali Adventure

Our hearts were warmed at this post about one couple’s experience in Bali after winning a vacation as a prize. This was a well-deserved rest, because it was the couple’s first vacation in 12 years! They stayed at a resort in Nusa Dua and got the pampered massage-and-spa treatment.

Naturally, they were thrilled partly just because they didn’t have the kids tagging along. But Bali’s still a great place for kids as well, with the beaches, exotic flora and fauna, and natural beauty everywhere. You’d just want to be sure to pry them away from their iPod and Nintendo DS long enough to look out the window.


Bali History

Today Bali is famous for its clean and pristine beaches along with a host of fun and adventure activities. It is interesting to know that some researchers feel that Bali would have maintained the same charm and beauty even before the Ice Age. In the more recent past, Balinese people have come under strong influence of Buddhism, Chinese culture and later Hinduism. Today, even though Indonesia is an Islamic country, Bali retains its own unique Hindu culture.

From Pre- Ice Age Era to 800 BC
It is believed that Bali was the final frontier in the mainland and a place was a magnet for human immigration several millennia ago. In the pre-ice age era, being at the end of the mainland, the sheer beauty and abundance of Bali would have attracted early human settlers. In fact excavations have revealed the existence of Java man or Homo erectus in these islands.

weather in bali

How’s the Weather in Bali?

Bali is regarded as a tropical paradise, and the climate is the main reason. Year-round temperature ranges from mid-20s to mid-30s C. (68 to 93 degrees F.). This is a generally balmy climate, where snow is almost unheard-of and it’s rare to see anyone bundling up at night in more than a light jacket. At the same time, the hottest it gets is just enough motivation to slap on some sunscreen and grab a cold drink on your way to the beach.

The main rainy season is from December through March. However, parts of Bali can still get rain at other times of the years, while the Bukit Peninsula gets hardly any. In June through September, the weather is warm but not too humid, feeling almost like your living room at the coastal areas.


Bali | A Paradise on Earth

Bali: A Paradise on Earth

Bali has become one of the most sought after tourist locations on the world map in the past few decades. In a recent meeting, the Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Development (ISTD) struck up a plan to ensure that Bali continues to develop as a tourist destination while retaining its eco-friendly green nature. This implies that Bali would continue to remain a great place to spend some time off.
As a tourist spot, Bali offers a wide range of activities and pass times to indulge in.

Blessed with pristine oceans and rich cultural history, there is something for everyone in Bali. While planning your trip, ensure that you ear mark the most important places you want to visit so that you are not wasting time picking and choosing while you are there. The most popular attractions in Bali include museums, beaches, textiles and art and culture.

There are several museums in Bali that touch up various aspects of the region’s cultural, spiritual past. Walking through the aisles of these museums takes you into the past and tells you a story like never before. You can view pictures depicting events from Mahabharata – a Hindu Epic poem – to ancient documents written in leaves preserved through all these years. There are many other museums focusing on other forms of arts, artefacts – each reflecting upon a slice of ancient times.


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